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The addition of a second officer to our guild has been closed and the decision made. We will announce the new officer here in our blog on Monday September 12th before the actual active promotion on Tuesday September 13th. I know a few of you really wanted this opportunity but due to the lack of members we can only afford to promote one of you although more promotions are guaranteed!
If you fail to recruit as an officer you will be demoted but no immediete pressure. Also, if you rarely play you can be demoted as well and the next choice will be made officer. So to those of you hoping for this...good luck and keep your fingers crossed until you hear back from us on this issue monday and tuesday!

Ascalon Action!
The adventure to Sorrows Furnace wasn't all death and destruction. A few of us loons decided to have some ale and here are two snazzy shots showing just want 6 ales does to a player!
Venus feeling a bit ill...(she said so herself).
Thriller Dance while under the influence! Oh and don't mind the text...it was kinda hard to focus on what was going on with the screen going wild!

Anywho, that's all for now. Sorry I have not been too active lately in the game. I have been feeling very much under the weather but, i'll be much more available this week as i'm feeling much better! Thanks for your patience with our growth and continue to promote us!!
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