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A new year, a new start!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

I also hope you all had a Happy Holiday whether it be Christmas or Channuka!

Regarding the removals you have all been seeing...

Sadly this new year means a totally fresh start.
We have gone from above 30 members at one time to under 10, due to an immense clean out last month.
I am hoping with this fresh start that our guild will be stronger than ever!

Regarding the Christmas Season...
Of course, you can always rely on Venus to take lots of snaps catching all the Holiday Decor with her and friends.
A new post will be dedicated to all the Christmas Glory Lions Arch supplied us with this Holiday!

In completion of 2005...
To all the former and current Guild members,
    We at BTM really appreciate your helping in making the Guild what it was. Assisting new players as well as providing the more experienced players with more action after reaching level 20! For helping those financially in the game who needed new items but could not afford. For hunting down special things require in missions and quests for a Guildie. We really appreciate the great times and hope you have too!
So, in sending off 2005 and welcoming in with open arms 2006...

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