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Not Happy

1 Guild Member Booted for lack of play.
2 Guild Members left with notice to me for lack of Officer Help and Activity of Members. They will consider returning.
1 Guild Officer demoted to Member due to over 1wk of no play.

I had an absense in the game due to some medical issues (sick) and a problem with my computer not letting me connect to the game. I notified all officer and even promoted another to pick up the butt end of things in the Guild. Now that I am back in the game full time, everyone has pulled a "poof and gone" act. This isn't good and obviously no recruiting or promoting is being done from anyone but myself.

Please clean this up so we can form a tighter larger guild. I know you have lives, so do I but, just leaving without letting us know if you are coming back is something we don't need to put up with. If you need to boot more members we will for it is as if we are memberless anyway at the moment with the roster looking so dry and the play history being so lacking.

Thank you for your patience and I hope things improve soon.
We won't get any new members once they are invited and look at the lack of activity.


A new cape design regarding color and the flame option is being considered. However, we in general are satisfied with our color scheme, emblem, and design so new styles are being considered but may not be enforced.

Please email me with any questions, comments or complaints about the guild, members, officers, or the game in general. Please make note of your character name in the email as well as placing Guild Wars in the subject so I know who you are. I will keep all information and emails confidential and only release anything relevent to situations at your discretion.

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