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Update Soon!

After countless hours of straight GW playing i've called it a night. I played all day...took a lunch break and dinner break and a few "potty" breaks here and there. I FINALLY ascended. If you have not...trust me, it is a bitch. Trying to eliminate/kill your doppleganger is practically impossible. I had to do it a good 10x. Although, some complete that task in mere moments. I guess it's tough for Necros as it seems most of the Necros where the ones complaining about not getting it done!

There will be a full update on that, and the missions that were prior and that follow. I know it may not be your slice of pie but it will show you what there is to come for those of you who have yet to reach that area and a cool reminder to those of you who have.

Anyway... More on that tomorrow. I'm sick to my stomach with pain. I feel like I ate an alien or a demon and it is trying to punch its way out of me as well as a few nasty old friends ruining my night.

So see you all in the morning...or afternoon rather because it's late and i'm sure I will be sleeping in :)
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