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Little bit of Info

Clap yo hands bitches, cos we got new membaz!

I know, you're all saying yeah Venus it's about damn time we got our arses on track haha. Thanks for all the patience but the road is not run. We have a looooong way to go still. I'm just hoping the 5+ new member addition will help continue to put us on the right track.
Those of us who have been less active will hopefully become more active as some teamspeak should be put into place (i'll be placing someone in charge of that) some GVG which should rock and a possible new cape design or color scheme.

Yeah I know, you all say you are happy with the capes and the colors but sometimes change in members means change in guild all together. We will see. I have some snap shots of some new colors and design schemes but no matter what THE SYMBOL REMAINS! Oh and if we go to another color scheme other than red and yellow the flames go bye-bye. I don't want to be another poser piss ass group trying to make pink flames a fashion statement! KTHX!

Soooo on another note. I know I know, I still haven't gotten around to the ascension post or the mission post. I played GW almost all day today so I didn't have time. Infact, I might go back on after this and take some snaps of capes again and THEN I will post that and the ascension and mission updates, okay? So yeah...all in all things look good for us. New officers once we reach max INV which will be 10 for the wk. We need what 4 more to hit that? Ah, I can't remember.

Oh and as for the booting of LittleSal. He was put back in place. I accidentally removed him along with those 'tard spammers and gold beggers. He's back and happy to be here :)
For those of you drooling at the officer spots (2 of you lol) NAALI was demoted due to lack of play without notice after promotion but, due to his little chat with me on aim about life outside of GW once he puts in a little more time the spot is his. Sorry =P

On the note of promotions... there will be another opening soon. It all depends on the activity of HERE and the GUILD on who will be placed into the running. Post here and make a solo post if you wish to run as we did with Naali since at the time he was the only one who made effort enough to deserve it. At the moment, Awling and Lucia are the officers and do a damn good job. Lucia being first ranking officer. That means you give him any shit and you'll have to deal with moi :) "ME!" But, that being said be nice to Awling and EVERYONE ELSE too.

This group seems pretty wicked so I doubt we will have past problems arise again! Anyway...best of luck to the noobs and continue to succeed to the vets!
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